The Jimador* harvesting a blue agave has become the unofficial image of premium tequila 100% agave. Either engraved on our tequila glasses or as an in-store media it offers a direct message of a unique process and centuries-old traditions. Our award-winning photograph appears in all our products.

Hand-blown glass made in Mexico by local artisans employing centuries-old techniques. It has the perfect shape and size to fully enjoy tequila 100% agave. I allows the aroma to fill your mouth and your nose with the different nuances of the agave to fully appreciate what makes tequila such a distinct drinking experience. The shape, size and weight are the result of years of refining the true art of enjoying tequila 100% agave.
The Jimador* engraved on each glass depicts the uniqueness of tequila.

Tequila Glass Alone

Capacity: 4 ounces to the rim.
Size:  2-3/8" tall, 1/8" thick lead-glass**
¼" thick bottom
Widest diameter: 2.5 inches

Box with 2 glasses           $   29.00
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Box with 10 glasses         $145.00
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Our light boxes and POP posters link to a free Web App that can be downloaded directly with QR Code using a smartphone. Customers, shoppers and sales persons will have the right information about tequila in the palm of their hands at the crucial moment of ordering another shot or buying a bottle. QR Scanner App is available on Apple, Google, and Windows App stores.

Light Box
This beautiful and striking light box will have people talking about it at bars and restaurants. Sleek black aluminum frame has classic yet modern design. Energy-efficient LED grid panel disperses light for even brightness and protective clear acrylic keeps prints safe and cool to the touch.

At liquor stores the light box becomes a unique in-store media that drives shoppers to the tequila section, engaging then at the point of decision. It will entice your customers to order 100% agave tequila neat, ice cold, on the rocks, and for margaritas too!

Light Box for Website
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• Mounted on 3/4” slim light box
• Sleek black aluminum frame with protective clear acrylic
• Energy-efficient LED grid panel disperses light for even brightness
• Includes a UL listed, 120V standard adapter and plug

Large      H 24” x W 36”
Medium H 20” x W 30”

Prices             1 - 5             6 or more
Large            $825               $659
Medium       $635               $499
Shipping not included.

To order please contact:
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POP Poster for Liquor Stores
Turn shoppers into buyers at the point of purchase. This poster engages your customers to make informed decisions and helps you sell more of the right stuff. It grabs their attention and provides ready to use information through our FREE easy to use Web App. It provides a unique shopping experience and facilitates purchase decisions at the point of sale in your store.

Tequila POP Poster      POP Display
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Full color poster printed on high quality paper.
Matte laminate coating for durability.
Mounted on rigid cardboard.
Size: w = 14"   H = 22”

Quantity         Price Each
1 – 5                 $ 74
6 – 10              $ 64
11 +                   $50
Shipping not included.

To order please contact:
[email protected]

(*) Copyright © Notice
The photograph of the "Jimador" and its derivative image are Copyright and may not be used without prior written approval. Any unauthorized use of this photograph and/or its derivatives may subject you to penalties or damages, including but not limited to those related to infringement of trademarks, copyrights, and privacy rights.

(**) Glassware made from recycled glass is the safest and most environmentally sound choice because it uses the fewest new resources. Recycled glass is made from lead-free soda bottles, glass bottles, and jars. The state of California requires warning for consumers. Proposition 65.

Pajaro Agavero